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Name:An Su Aksoy
Birthdate:Mar 19
Location:Istanbul, Turkey
This is a "friends only" journal belonging to a strange person who's illustrating children books, taking care of many animals, tries gardening and couple of times more or less each month finds herself working at the backstage of some concerts...

So... the entries are friends only, except for some rare entries such as participations to illustration friday themes.

Feel free to contact me by commenting on any public entry to add me and to be added, let me know how, why, when... :) If you happen to add me without notice and don't say anything... well I will not add you back. I just want to know who is reading, especially since I'm keeping track of my daily life in here, family stuff, our animals, moods, hopes, and dreams, and conflicts, and whatever else you should expect from life, and that gets quite private by times... is kind of a portfolio I don't update as often as I should...

English, French, Spanish, Turkish, and Western Armenian are the languages I speak... (I still have to work out in reading/writing the armenian alphabet though.)

If we have friended each other recently and you're curious about getting some more general information, I do have a couple of "memories" posts you can read through. As well as the "biography" tag can be interesting if you wish to dig into my past... it's a work in progress as I've only wrote until 1996 so far. :)
If ever you want to contact me outside of LJ , through facebook etc, let me know on LJ and I can let you know how , if I know who you are :)

A copy of my *interests list* here, sincewith the new page layout it rather remains hidden :

animal rescue, animal rights, animals, antiques, archeology, armenian, art, artistamps, atc's, autism, backstage, baking, bdsm, beliefs, birds, books, bosphorus, bretagne, children books, clouds, concerts, cooking, daisies, desserts, dogs, drawing, early classical music, flower fields, flowers, food photography, france, french, french literature, fruit trees, galicia, gardening, gardens, handmade objects, illuminations, illustrating, illustration, istanbul, latin american literature, letters, literature, mail-art, medieval cities, middle-age musics, moon, old furnitures, old toys, painting, paris, penpalling, photography, plum trees, polyamory, polyfidelity, postage stamps, reading, sea, sewing, sewing toys, sewn toys, shibari, spanish, stamps, strawberries, street theater, sunflowers, superstitions, swimming, tattoos, theater, traditions, travelling, trees, vegetable plants, vegetables, wheel of the year, wildflowers, witches, woods

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